Brock talks about why it is important to accept that failure and setbacks are a part of life.

Mental Health and Wellbeing @ EAGxAustralia 2018

Brock considers the concept of happiness, and why we should value discomfort more than we currently do. He also explores the role of prosocial behaviour in developing positive mental wellbeing.
- Effective Altruism Australia

The Other Side of Happiness

Brock discuss his book, The Other Side of Happiness, and why we need to value our negative experiences a little more than we do.
- The Daily Edition

Why Do We Need Pain to Feel Happiness?

Brock contributed to the MoMA R&D salon on “Friction,” whose goal was “to question the assumption that ‘seamless’ is by default preferable to ‘rugged,’ and that bruises and abrasions are always to be avoided.”
- The Museum of Modern Art

Three Things About Happiness You Might Not Have Known

Brock spoke about his research on happiness at Sacred Heart’s “A Year in a Day” conference.
- Sacred Heart College Geelong

From Pain to Pleasure: How Painful Experiences May Benefit Our Lives

Brock discusses the experience of pain, and how it may be better understood as providing an important avenue through which we find enjoyment in life.
- Canadian Institute for the Relief of Pain and Disability

Guilty Pleasure

Hosted by Paul Barclay, presenter of ABC Radio National’s Big Ideas, guests pondered the question: can self-indulgence be good for us?
- Gallery of Modern Art Talks, Sugar Spin

Why We Need Pain to Feel Happiness

Pain is bad, but is it all bad? Pain killing is a massive industry because we want our lives to be filled with pleasure and free of all pain, but is this approach to pain and happiness really working?
- TEDxStKilda

Meat Paradox: How We Can Love Some Animals and Eat Others

We love our dogs and cats, yet continue to eat pigs, cows and chickens in their hundreds of thousands.
- Voiceless Rethinking: Speciesism

Moral Psychology of Resource Use

How do we think about the moral rights of nonhumans? These nonhumans are often also resources, and this sets up a particular kind of tension.
- Effective Altruism Australia

What We Gain From Pain: Exploring the Benefits of Physical Pain

Traditionally, people have focused on the harmful side of pain. Brock is interested in pain that is moderate, controlled, not overwhelming, and perhaps even rewarding for people.
- The University of Queensland



The Resilience Paradox with Dr. Brock Bastian

- Potential Psychology
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The Other Side of Happiness

- Better Living
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Why We Need Pain

- Why You So Liddat
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When Bromance Blossoms

- Life Matters, ABC Radio National
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No Pain, No Gain

- Life Matters, ABC Radio National
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Why Feeling Pain Is Key to Our Happiness

- Up Close
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Is the Search for Happiness Causing Depression?

- The Academic Minute
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Special Guest Brock Bastian

- The Existential Files
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Is the Pursuit of Happiness Making Us Depressed?

- Radio New Zealand
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Guilty Pleasures

- Big Ideas, ABC Radio National
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What Is the Role of Joy in the Moral Life?

- The Minefield, ABC Radio National
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The Ethics of Happiness

- Big Ideas, Radio National
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Is Being Happy Making Us Sad?

- Counterpoint, Radio National
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